Рок-опера «Моцарт» в Москве

Crocus City Hall Mozart. L’opera Rock, Le Concert, Moscow, 13.03.2017

We are grateful to the producers and artists for the fact that despite the hard times, you give an enjoyment to your fans in Russia!

Florent, I am Russian, but don’t drink at all and don’t like smell and taste of alcohol. I prefer papaya or guava juice. However, I appreciate your passion to the Russian language, it gave Salieri a little craziness - necessary in this role.
Solal, there was a young beautiful girlfriend with me, who had never seen you before. She fell in love at once with your voice, charisma, energy and dared to ask me when you’ll come to Moscow again.

Michelangelo, when you looked at the auditorium, there was so much love and kindness in this look, and there was an ocean of tenderness in your voice. If I were more young and less cynical, I would melt like ice cream or run to a scene with a million red roses. It was difficult to resist, so I’m not very angry with the girl, who suddenly decided to give flowers on the most difficult aria.

Noemi – I fell in love with you. An amazing combination of strong vocals and exotic appearance. Pretty girl with a devilry who can play both a positive role and a negative one.
It’s so bitter, but two hours flew by as one moment. It’s good that we can make recordings and then review them hundred times. It’s impossible to transmit an energy that come from the stage to the audience, but they will retain the facial expressions and movements of the artists.
I will wait for new concerts. And I hope to see in Moscow my beloved Laurent Ban.


Выставка кошек Кэтсбург-2017

Catsburg-2017, WCF, TICA, Cat exhibition and Cat show in Moscow/ 04/03/2017

Мейн кун разноглазый!

Ежегодно в Москве проходит несколько международных выставок кошек, которые можно назвать даже не выставками, а фестивалями – настолько они огромные и с разнообразной программой. Это весенний Кэтсбург, зимнее Гран-при Роял Канин и летний Инфокот.